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Looking for a contact

Once logged in, menu entries will appear in the top navigation bar.

Find a Contact by name
Here you can look for a contact by first or last name, or by the name of the organization. It searches all contacts available in the database.

Focal Points
This list contains only the Focal Points, it is pre-filtered to show only contacts that have at least one of the following roles: Head of Administrative Authority, National Focal Point, STRP Focal Point, CEPA Government Focal Point, CEPA NGO Focal Point.
By using the filters on top of the list the results can be narrowed down to a region or one or more Contracting Parties.

Advanced Role search
This page allows you to filter contacts by a specific role and a Region / Contracting Party. You can select more than one role to retrieve a list of contacts that have at least one of the selected roles.

Viewing details of a single contact

On all the lists you can click on the first name or last name to open the details of a single contact. You will see more information including job title, the organization the contact works for, all phones etc. By clicking on "Back to search" in the top left you will return to the list of contacts.


Some of the lists can be exported to Excel, you will see a red link "Export to Excel" in the top right corner where this feature is available. Simply click on it and the file download will start, applying the filter currently used on the list.

Sort of lists

All result lists are sortable by certain columns. Click on the red column headers (e.g. "Last name" or "Contracting Party") and the list will be sorted alphabetically by this column. By clicking on it a second time the sort order is inverted.