Virtual Meeting of the Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP)

Date: 01.04.2021

Dear STRP National Focal Points and Invited Observers,

As you know, due to the COVID19 pandemic, it has not been possible to hold the annual meetings of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP). The working groups for priority tasks have been working on the mandate provided by the Standing Committee, and the Chair of the STRP would like to hold a virtual meeting of the Panel to provide an update on progress and an opportunity for exchange. The virtual meeting will be taking place on 29 April 2021.
The provisional agenda would be available on the Convention’s website in due course. Links to documents will be added to the agenda as they are published.

We invite you to register at the following link, no later than 22 April 2021:
Once you have successfully completed the form you will receive a confirmation that your data has been transmitted.
The Secretariat will send you an email with further information regarding your attendance in due course.
With best regards,

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