Invitation to join the Working Group to prepare the new Strategic Plan of the Convention on Wetlands

Date: 28.01.2022

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Update on the review of the fourth strategic plan of the Convention on Wetlands

The fourth Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024 (SP4), adopted at COP12, covers nine years (three triennia) and aims to prevent, stop and reverse the loss and degradation of wetlands by addressing the drivers of wetland loss and degradation, effectively conserving and managing the Ramsar Site network and promoting the wise use of all wetlands by further enhancing implementation of the Convention (Resolution XII.2, paragraph 8).

A mid-term review of SP4 has been undertaken, consistent with Resolution XIII.5, Review of the fourth Strategic Plan of the Ramsar Convention (link). A Working Group was established by Standing Committee to undertake the review of SP4 in 2018, comprising Uganda (Chair to September 2020), Australia (current Chair), Algeria, Armenia, Benin, Bhutan, Dominican Republic, Oman, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States of America.

The Working Group has reviewed the effectiveness of SP4 in tracking progress in implementation of the Convention and has identified potential refinements to the Plan for the remaining period (2022-2024) as well as key elements that can contribute to the preparation of a new Strategic Plan (SP5). Details are published in the report of the Working Group to the Standing Committee (see document SC59 Doc.10). The Working Group is finalising the review and a draft resolution for submission to COP14 (November 2022).

A new Working Group for the fifth strategic plan

A new Working Group for SP5 was proposed to ensure there is sufficient time to develop the new plan for adoption at COP15. The Standing Committee, through Decision SC59-20, “... established a new working group with membership from Contracting Parties, the STRP and International Organization Partners, to commence preparation of the Fifth Strategic Plan of the Ramsar Convention, with the terms of reference and work plan to be agreed intersessionally, and be designed to accommodate the key elements and any additional priority elements and modalities for the Fifth Strategic Plan that may be agreed at COP14. The Standing Committee encouraged the participation of members of the Working Group on the Review of the Fourth Strategic Plan in the new working group, for continuity purposes.”

Invitation to nominate members for the new Working Group

In accordance with the above Decision, Contracting Parties are invited to nominate representatives of each of the six Ramsar regions for the new Strategic Plan Working Group. The new Working Group will be working in English and mainly online. Nominations are due by 14 February 2022; please submit them to the Secretariat at

Parties which are current members of the SP4 Working Group are encouraged to participate in the new Working Group for continuity purposes and are invited to confirm their willingness to continue as a member of the new Working Group by 14 February 2022 to the Secretariat at

Representatives of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel and of the Convention’s International Organisation Partners are also encouraged to become members of the new Working Group.

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