Strategic Plan Working Group - update

Date: 09.08.2023

To: Contracting Parties and IOPs
Please find below a communication from the Co-Chairs of the Strategic Plan Working Group (Brazil and Canada).

Good day fellow Contracting Parties, IOPs, and the greater Convention on Wetlands Community,
As Chairs of the Strategic Plan Working Group, we have the pleasure of reaching out to provide you with an update on the progress towards the development of the 5th Strategic Plan of the Convention on Wetlands, to be considered for adoption at COP15 in 2025.  The Ramsar Strategic Plan is a key document which provides the framework and strategic direction for the Convention on Wetlands.  At COP14, Contracting Parties adopted Resolution XIV.4, which lays out the framework for the 5th Strategic Plan.
Since COP14, the Strategic Plan Working Group has been making steady progress towards the 5th Strategic Plan. Following an open tender process in early 2023, WRM Wetlands & Environment Ltd (Rob McInnes, Director, supported by a team of regional focal points) has been engaged to undertake the next phases of 5th Strategic Plan development in collaboration with the Working Group.  An engagement and consultation strategy has been developed and, most recently, Parties are invited to participate in a questionnaire, available here to inform their engagement.  We encourage you to fill out the questionnaire so that the process is as inclusive and relevant as possible.
We will be reaching out to you regularly along the way; however, you can also follow progress on the Plan by consulting the Strategic Plan web pages at: link. There remains a lot of work to do.  At Standing Committee 62, September 4-8, 2023, the Working Group will meet in a hybrid format to continue the work.  Please reach out to your regional representative on the Working Group to ensure your views are expressed.  The list of Working Group members is available here.  Lastly, as your Co-Chairs, we want to reiterate that our goal is to make the process towards the 5th Strategic Plan as transparent and accessible as possible.  If you have any concerns or wish to discuss elements of the process further, please contact us at  Thank you to all who have reached out so far.
All the best,
Luiz Eduardo Andrade de Souza and Jacey Scott


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