Diplomatic Note 2018/8: Nominations for the Ramsar STRP for 2019-2021

Date: 20.11.2018

Please find attached Diplomatic Note 2018/8, which is being sent to Contracting Parties via diplomatic channels.
In Resolution XII.5, New framework for delivery of scientific and technical advice and guidance on the Convention, the Conference of the Contracting Parties defines the structure, organization and processes of the Ramsar Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP).
The STRP is made up of 18 members with appropriate scientific and technical knowledge, as well as observers representing the Convention’s International Organization Partners (IOPs) and other organizations recognized by the Conference of the Parties.
Resolution XII.5 defines the procedure for selection of STRP members. Accordingly, the Secretariat is pleased to invite Administrative Authorities of Contracting Parties to nominate suitable scientific and technical experts to be appointed to serve as members of the STRP for the 2019-2021 triennium.
Administrative Authorities from each of the six Ramsar regions will reach agreement among themselves and nominate one technical expert for each region, who will be accepted automatically.
Administrative Authorities may also make nominations for the six scientific expert positions and the remaining six technical expert positions, and may identify candidates for the roles of STRP Chair and Vice-Chair, including from among candidates nominated as regional technical experts.
Nominations, which should reflect the needs identified in Annex 2 of Resolution XIII.8, Future implementation of scientific and technical aspects of the Convention for 2019-2021, will then be reviewed and shortlisted by region by the Standing Committee members.
IOPs and observer organizations listed in Annex 3 of Resolution XIII.8 will be invited to nominate their own representatives and to submit nominations for the scientific expert positions and for six of the technical expert position.
The members and observer representatives for each triennium will be appointed by the Management Working Group of the Standing Committee from the candidates nominated. The Chair and Vice-Chair will be selected from among the members appointed to the Panel.
STRP members will be appointed in their personal capacity for their scientific and technical expertise, and will not represent any organization or government in their interaction with the STRP.
Selections will be made to secure the scientific and technical expertise required for the STRP’s work during the triennium, and ensure regional and gender balance.
The relevant Resolutions, as well as the nomination forms, including nominee’s forms for scientific and technical experts and a nominator’s recommendation form, can be downloaded at the following address: Forms should be completed and signed, and together with the curriculum vitae of nominees, submitted by the Administrative Authority of the Contracting Party by email to the Secretariat at, no later than 15 December 2018.
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