Data boundaries completion in the RSIS

Date: 17.04.2024

To: Heads of Administrative Authorities and National Focal Points

In decision SC62-47 the Standing Committee assigned the Secretariat the task of providing “…technical support during the 2023-2025 triennium to ensure that key data is available in the Ramsar Sites Information Service (RSIS) for Wetlands of International Importance in all regions, with a focus on Site boundaries…”, and allocated funds for this work.

Pursuant to this decision the Secretariat is putting in place a support mechanism for completing boundary data for Wetlands of International Importance. A new feature within the Ramsar Sites Information Service (RSIS) will allow Parties to initiate various actions to ensure site boundaries in GIS format are published for all their sites, without having to update the full Ramsar Information Sheet.

A streamlined interface will enable Contracting Parties to, as appropriate, upload new boundaries for publication, or confirm boundaries for publication based on files already submitted in an ongoing update that has not yet been completed. Where digital boundaries are not available, Parties will have the option to request technical support for the creation of boundaries. Such technical support will be provided by UNEP-WCMC under a partnership with the Convention Secretariat.

Parties with sites lacking digital boundary files will receive more detailed information on this process and instructions on actions to take in the near future. 

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