Small Grants Fund: Call for proposals

Date: 26.02.2019

Resolution XIII.2 on Financial and budgetary matters instructs the Secretariat to oversee a final call for proposals for the Small Grants Fund (SGF). The SGF was established as a mechanism to assist developing countries in implementing the Convention and to enable the conservation and wise use of wetland resources. The total amount available for projects funded under this last call for proposals is CHF 134,000. The SGF offers a maximum of CHF 35,000 per project. Information on eligibility and the application are below. For full details on the application process refer to the SGF Operational Guidelines 2019.
Countries on the list of aid recipients established by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) for the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Types of assistance available under the SGF:
  1. Activities that contribute to the implementation of the Convention’s Strategic Plan 2016 – 2024;
  2. Emergency assistance related to maintaining the ecological character of a designated Ramsar Site; and
  3. Assistance to non-Contracting Parties to progress towards accession to the Convention.
Funds available for allocation:
The total amount to be distributed under this call for proposals is CHF 134,000. The maximum amount to be allocated per project is CHF 35,000. This will be the last call for proposals for the SGF, as Resolution XIII.2 directs the Secretariat to phase out the programme.
Application for funding:
Interested Parties should 1) complete the “Request for Funding” form (Section B.1 of the Operational Guidelines), and 2) submit a “Project Proposal” (Section B.2).
Deadline for submission:
Fully completed submissions must be received by the Secretariat no later than 6 May 2019. Submissions that are not received by this deadline or are not complete will not be considered.
Project selection:
The Secretariat will make a technical and feasibility assessment of all eligible submissions using the “Project Proposal Assessment Form (Section D). Applicants are encouraged to review the criteria that will be used to assess applications. Following the guidance provided in Section D, the Secretariat will provide the 57th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC57) with its recommendations for funding. It is anticipated that the Standing Committee will take a decision on projects to be funded and selected Parties will be notified shortly thereafter.
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