Ramsar Convention on Wetlands: National wetland inventories survey

Date: 25.07.2019

To: Ramsar Administrative Authorities and National Focal Points
As noted in Resolution XIII.7 Enhancing the Convention’s visibility and synergies with other multilateral environmental agreements and other international institutions, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands is co-custodian with UNEP of SDG Indicator 6.6.1 which monitors change in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time. The Convention contributes to monitoring progress with data from National Reports based on Ramsar definitions and requirements.
Resolution XIII.7 requests the Secretariat to continue working with Contracting Parties on the completion of national wetland inventories and wetland extent to report on SDG Indicator 6.6.1.
The Standing Committee 57 (Decision SC57-53) decided to prioritize the topic of inventories for the current triennium in order to allow Contracting Parties to focus on measures to address this urgent challenge, potentially resulting in a draft resolution or resolutions for consideration at COP14.
In line with the above decisions, the Secretariat is working in three main areas:
  1. The revision of information from National Reports submitted by Contracting Parties to COP13 that contributes to SDGS 6 (Indicator 6.6.1). 
  2. The preparation of a gap analysis with priorities (including funding) to support Contracting Parties in their commitments under the Ramsar Convention to undertake, refine or complete wetland inventories and report on wetland extent.
  3. The development of a tool kit on wetlands inventories linked to indicator 6.6.1 for use by Contracting Parties that addresses the identified gaps in knowledge, guidance, support and resources required to complete wetland inventories and report on wetland extent.
In order to receive inputs from Contracting Parties on the above-mentioned process the Secretariat will contact National Focal Points, make consultations through surveys and test the toolkit.
To receive inputs from Contracting Parties in the preparation of the toolkit find in the link below a short survey to determine Contracting Parties´ needs on completing Wetlands Inventories.
Your timely response is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sending your answers by 16 August 2019. In case of question, please feel free to contact Ms Maria Rivera (
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