Review of the Rules of Procedure: Request for comments

Date: 26.09.2019

To: Ramsar Administrative Authorities and National Focal Points

Resolution XIII.4, on Responsibilities, roles and composition of the Standing Committee and regional categorization of countries under the Convention, in paragraph 26, the Conference of the Parties requests the Secretariat to:

a. conduct a review of the Rules of Procedure, identifying text, if any, that may no longer be valid or applicable, is contradictory, is otherwise inconsistent with current Ramsar practices, and the Rules’ applicability to subsidiary bodies including the Standing Committee, working groups, and Friends of the Chair groups and, at SC57, report its findings, including information on how it reached these conclusions;

b. in conducting the aforementioned review, give due consideration to any proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure that were not considered at the 13th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties; and

c. develop, as appropriate, based on its findings and Contracting Parties’ feedback on its report to SC57, recommendations for Parties at SC58, to consider revisions that might be made to the Rules of Procedure, in preparation for COP14.

SC57 reviewed an analysis and recommendations for change prepared by the Secretariat. In Decision SC57-13, the Standing Committee took note of the progress in the review of the Rules of Procedure and instructed the Secretariat to prepare a revised document with the comments received, to be presented at SC58. The Chair of the Standing Committee asked all interested Contracting Parties to send their comments and observations to the Secretariat for incorporation into a revised document to be considered at SC58.

You are invited to submit comments and observations by 1 November 2019 to Document SC57 Doc.13 Review of Rules of Procedure (here) to the Secretariat for inclusion in the revised document to be considered at SC58. Current Rules of Procedure (COP13) can be found here.
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