Toolkit for national wetland inventories: Consultation

Date: 12.12.2019

To: Ramsar Administrative Authorities and National Focal Points
As you were previously informed on 25 July, the Secretariat is undertaking three tasks on the topic of inventories:
1.     The revision of information from National Reports submitted by Contracting Parties to COP13 that contributes to SDG 6 (Indicator 6.6.1). 
2.     The preparation of a gap analysis with priorities (including funding) to support Contracting Parties in their commitments under the Convention on Wetlands to undertake, refine or complete wetland inventories and report on wetland extent.
3.     The development of a toolkit on wetland inventories linked to indicator 6.6.1 for use by Contracting Parties, that addresses the identified gaps in knowledge, guidance, support and resources required to complete wetland inventories and report on wetland extent.
A toolkit has been developed based on inputs from Parties, and we would like to now test the utility of the toolkit.
Please note that the layout of the toolkit will be finalized after this consultation.
Please use the links below to access the toolkit and complete a short survey:
Thank you for sending your answers by 13 January 2020. Your timely response is greatly appreciated. In case of questions, please feel free to contact Ms Maria Rivera (
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