Diplomatic Note 2020/7: Report and Decisions of the intersessional virtual meeting of the Standing Committee

Date: 08.07.2020

Please find attached Diplomatic Note 2020/7 on Report and decisions of the 58th meeting of the Standing Committee at its intersessional virtual sessions of 23 and 25 June 2020.


The Standing Committee of the Convention on Wetlands held an intersessional virtual meeting, with sessions held on 23 and 25 June 2020. The full report of the meeting and a summary of the decisions taken are also attached along with the Note. They are also available in English, French and Spanish on the Ramsar website, along with the agenda of the virtual meeting, at the following address:


As communicated through Diplomatic Note 2020/4 of 23 April 2020, the Standing Committee determined that it would not be possible to hold its 58th meeting from 22 to 26 June as initially planned, and selected the new dates of 26 to 30 October 2020, with meetings of the Committee’s subgroups and working groups to be held on Monday 26 October.


As noted in Diplomatic Note 2020/6 of 19 May 2020, the Standing Committee also identified a number of time-sensitive issues to be addressed intersessionally, and made recommendations on the process to address them. The Secretariat in consultation with the Executive Team accordingly developed a virtual process for the Standing Committee to discuss the identified issues and take decisions. The attached documents summarise the outcomes of the process.


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