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The Wetland City Accreditation : All You Need to Know
Day and time
10.11.2022 13:15
Lead organization
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea
Partner organization(s)
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Ramsar Regional Centre - East Asia


The Wetland City Accreditation (WCA) of the Ramsar Convention is a relatively new initiative, approved at COP12 (2015) under Resolution XII.10. When the first 18 Wetland Cities were formally recognized at COP13 and introduced to the world, this initiative emerged as one of the flagships of the Convention. For the second round of the Accreditation, 25 cities have been accredited and invited to upcoming COP14.

From the experience of operating the WCA for the past two trienniums, the Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) for the WCA, in consultation with the Standing Committee and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel of the Convention, has committed to updating the WCA through a new draft resolution submitted to COP15 for adoption (COP14 Doc.18.12).

The primary purpose of this event is to introduce the new and updated elements of the WCA, through the presentation of the first draft of the Operational Guidance, which is proposed in the draft resolution. The audience will learn more about the WCA and their feedback will feed into the final draft, which will be submitted to SC62 in 2023. There will also be additional information related to WCA including the Wetland City Network and ICLEI support to cities in their efforts to conserve wetlands.


Target Audience 

National focal points, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, CEPA representatives, and mostly importantly city representatives, who are interested in the WCA


Other Information

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Time           Contents                                                                Speakers

4-8 mins     Opening Remarks                                               - Head of Delegation of Republic of Korea
                                                                                                 - Deputy Secretary General of the Convention

5 mins         Session 1. Brief Introduction of Wetland City Accreditation
                    Background, Vision and Overview                        - Co-chair of IAC

35 mins       Session 2. Operational Guidance
                    Presentation on Draft Operational Guidance       - Consultant of IAC
                    Open Discussion, Q&A                                         - All Participants (Facilitator: STRP Member of IAC) 

10 mins       Session 3. Additional Information
                    Wetland City Network                                           - Secretariat of Wetland City Network (RRC-EA)
                    The role of networking and opportunities offered by global NGOs       - Representative of ICLEI

2 min           Wrap-up                                                                - Representative of Republic of Korea