Side event details

How to run Ramsar sites over time? Feedbacks to improve wetlands management.
Day and time
07.11.2022 19:45
Lead organization
Association Ramsar France
Partner organization(s)
- French Ministry of Environment, - Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment

The Global Wetland Outlook reports, published in 2018 and 2021, have shown a context of wetland loss and degradation on a global scale. In France, the situation is similar, but actions are taken to limit these threats. A particular attention is carried out on Ramsar sites, which spreads to other wetlands in the country. Other countries are also carrying out virtuous actions to preserve these precious ecosystems.

The objective of this side-event is to present feedbacks that can support and improve wetland management in general and Ramsar sites especially.


This event will take place in 3 steps:

  • A french feedback of the Ramsar sites and Wetlands network leading (monitoring of sites, promotion of the label, conferences about Ramsar site management, national wetlands policies, etc.).

(Speakers: Jérôme Bignon –President– and Bastien Coïc –Network leader- Ramsar France Association. Ghislaine Ferrère –National Focal point- and Flore Lafaye de Micheaux -Head of French delegation- Ministry of Environment - France)

  • A presentation of good practices from South Korea.

(Speaker: Joon-woo Seo -International Cooperation Officer- Ministry of Environment - Republic of Korea)

  • An exchange with the participants on the improvements or actions carried out in their countries.

The presentations and discussions could feed the exchanges of the Contracting Parties for the review of the draft resolutions (18.4, 18.8, 18.15, 18.19, 18.20 especially).