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Animation of the European Regional Ramsar Initiatives network
Day and time
08.11.2022 19:45
Lead organization
Partner organization(s)
France (French Biodiversity Agency), Spain, and other Contracting Parties

MedWet presents the coalition of the European Ramsar Regional Initiatives promoted by France and Spain and other contracting parties.

The Regional Initiatives under the Ramsar Convention are conceived as "operational means to provide effective support for better implementation of the Convention's objectives and its Strategic Plan, as well as to increase the visibility of the Convention in specific geographical regions, through international cooperation on wetland issues of common interest, involving all relevant national and regional stakeholders".

This coalition aims to strengthen the impact of Ramsar at the European level, in particular in national, regional and international policies by helping policy-makers, managers and other members of civil society to develop inclusive and resilient solutions to the environmental and climate crisis.

The main objective of the coalition is the creation of a unique partnership based on the capacities, ideas and relationships of each European Ramsar Regional Initiative for a broader and more differentiated understanding and knowledge of European Wetlands in order to better address global challenges such as biodiversity loss and climate change.

This side event will present the stakeholders of the coalition and the objectives and activities of the European Ramsar Regional Initiatives coalition.