Side event details

How can we adapt to climate change in Kushiro Wetland, Japan? - Science, implementation of measures and collaboration with residents -
Day and time
07.11.2022 18:30
Lead organization
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan
Partner organization(s)
River Center of Hokkaido Hokkaido University

Kushiro Wetland is the largest wetland in Japan. We have been conducted nature restoration project there since 2005. After Japan's rapid economic growth in the 1970s, the Kushiro Wetland was affected by development around the wetland, resulting in a decrease in wetland area and changes such as shifting from grassland to forest due to increased sediment inflow. Through discussions with farmers and foresters in surrounding area, the discharge of sediment into the marsh has been controlled, and public works projects such as re-meandering of the river and sedimentation ponds have been implemented to preserve the wetland. In the recent years, we've had concerns about the aridification in Kushiro Wetland as well as other wetlands because of the impacts of climate change. For this reason, we are now conducting analyses based on the latest science and implementing wetland conservation projects. Therefore, we are now analyzing the effects of climate change on the wetland based on the latest science and are continuing to implement wetland conservation projects. In addition, we are working with local residents to promote the Wise Use of the wetland and discuss how to pass on wetland restoration efforts into the future. We plan to introduce this project in this event and we’d like to discuss how to preserve wetlands for the next generation with your knowledges and experiences.