Side event details

Wetland Education in Formal Education : Application and Practices
Day and time
09.11.2022 13:15
Lead organization
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea
Partner organization(s)
Upo Ecology Education Institute (of Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education) · Gyeongsangnam-do Ramsar Environmental Foundation · Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Office of Education · Suncheon Bay Institute of Eco-Culture Education (of Jeollanamdo Offi


Since the adoption of the first CEPA resolution (VII.9) at COP 7 in 1999, the role of CEPA in implementation of the Convention has continued to be emphasized and expanded.

The importance of education for sustainable development has gained much attention in larger international communities as well. In 2017, UNESCO published "Education for Sustainable Development Goals" to support the implementation of the SDGs, and the UNGA endorsed a resolution on eudcation for sustainable development in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

However, there has not been detailed guidance for Parties on how to include wetlands in formal education at schools. Nevertheless, many Parties have demonstrated exemplary cases of wetland education linked to school education through cooperation with Wetland Link International, Ramsar Regional Centers, and local wetland centers.

It is in this backdrop that the Republic of Korea and China submitted the draft resolution on wetland education in the formal education sector, in order to promote exploring and supporting ways to strengthen wetland education in formal environmental education and to increase wetland education opportunities at schools and other educational institutions.

This side-event is to introduce this draft resolution to the participants of COP 14 and showcase application and practices of wetland education in the formal education sector in different settings through presentations and discussion.

This event will be joined by CEPA managers, education researchers, and school teachers to share their experience, in particular specific school models, effective teaching methodologies, and training for teachers, and to discuss different ways for Ramsar Site managers and educators to work together to exchange information and experience in order to implement the Resolution once adopted.

The target audience is anyone who is interested in wetland education (as well as environmental education in general) in the formal education sector.




- Welcoming remark by the Head of the ROK Delegation (2 mins)

- Introduction of the DR on wetland education in the formal education sector (5 mins)

- Presentation by CEPA expert of China (10 mins)

- Presentation by Youth Focal Point of Australia (10 mins)

- Presentation by CEPA expert of WWT (10 mins)

- Presentation by Korean educational organizations (10 mins)

- Q&A session and closing (13 mins)