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“Mobilizing climate finance for Biodiversity and Wetlands: lessons from evaluations.”
Day and time
08.11.2022 13:15
Lead organization
Independent Evaluation Unit, Green Climate Fund
Partner organization(s)

In oder to achieve the much needed paradigm shift in climate change action, both public and private sector finance have to come together to address financing gaps and scaling opportunities in view of the climate and biodiversity crisis. What are we learning from the financing climate change action? What role could private finance play in adaptation and wetland conservation actions?

This session will focus on the state and role of private finance in climate adaptation and wetland conservation. IEU Head Andreas Reumann will share key findings from the independent evaluation of the GCF's approach to the private sector. He will be joined representatives of FAO, The Commonwealth Secretariat, Wetlands International, and IUCN, for a discussion on the role of private finance in wetlands conservation.

The event’s objectives are as follows

  • To inform the audience of the GCF-IEU evaluation’s key findings and take-aways relating to the GCF’s approach to the private sector;   
  • To inform the audience of the learnings from the evaluations, done by partner organizations relating to private sector investment and engagement; and, 
  • To facilitate a discussion on how the findings and insights from the evaluations presented are relevant and useful to the conservation and wise use of wetlands

*Subject to last minute changes

Opening Remarks  
by Andreas Reumann, Head of Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU), GCF 

What is the GCF’s approach to engaging with private sector? What are some of the challenges?  
by Andreas Reumann, Head of Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU), GCF  

What are some of the key challenges with regards to finance in wetlands conservation?  
by Dr. Lifeng Li, Director, Land and Water Division, FAO 

What is the Commonwealth Secretariat’s experience in mobilizing private sector finance for climate resilience /nature-based solution projects?   
by Mxolisi Sibanda, Advisor Climate Change, The Commonwealth Secretariat   

What could be the role of climate finance for wetland conservation?  
by Giulia Carbone, Director, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance     

What are some considerations for private sector with regards to wetlands conversation?  
by Ward Hagemeijer, Head Business and Ecosystems, Wetlands International  

What are some of the current initiatives in wetlands conversation? How can they be moved to scale?  
by Raphael  Glemet Senior Programme Officer, Water and Wetlands, IUCN Asia   

Moderated Panel Discussion + Q&A 

Closing Remarks   
by Andreas Reumann, Head of Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU), GCF