Side event details

Ramsar’s new approach to delivering better CEPA and the new WWT global wetland capacity building facility
Day and time
08.11.2022 13:15
Lead organization
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Partner organization(s)
Mangrove Foundation (MCF), RRC-EA, Society of Wetland Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Youth Engaged in Wetlands

This event aims to outline the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands' new approach to CEPA and how we as partners can use it to get people excited about and engaged with wetlands.

A summary report of the meeting will be produced to be used in supporting the future delivery of the Ramsar CEPA programme.


The event will include the following components:

  • The new approach to CEPA will be explained by the Chair of the CEPA Oversight Panel, including the contents of the Draft Resolution on the new CEPA approach (Jenny Lonnstad, 10 minutes)
  • Draft CEPA handbook / toolkit. Progress on developing this new global tool will be explained and feedback sought, building on the planned online workshop to explore needs, suggested content and format of a global CEPA handbook (Chris Rostron, 25 minutes).
  • New WWT wetland global capacity building facility. Despite the huge range of training materials and resources related to wetlands many wetland professionals in both government and civil society lack the means to access them. WWT has been working in consultation with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and with partners including IUCN, Society of Wetland Scientists, Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia amongst others, to help solve these problems of accessibility and capacity building, planning an online training facility that will be launched at Ramsar COP14, and be delivered as a pilot course in 2023. We will present the online training structure, introduce some key units from the course, and ask you to advise us on who would most benefit and how we can support them to take part in this training programme (James Robinson, 35 minutes).
  • Q&A

Speakers: Jenny Lonnstad, Chair of the CEPA Oversight Panel; Chris Rostron, International Engagement Manager, WWT; James Robinson, Director of Conservation, WWT