Side event details

Collective action models on urban wetland conservation and rehabilitation
Day and time
12.11.2022 19:45
Lead organization
WWF-India, EPCO State Wetland Authority, Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Ramsar Regional Center in the Western Hemisphere (CREHO), Coastal Solutions Fellowship/Cornell Lab of Ornithology & Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
Partner organization(s)

Chair: THEO Pl  (to be determined)

Co-Chair:  Osvaldo Jordan, CREHO Director.

  • Setting the context: WWF-India and EPCO (10 minutes) 
  • Short movie on Rwanda success stories in the rehabilitation of degraded urban wetlands (15 minutes)

Panel discussion   (20minutes)

  • Innovative and creative forms of citizen participation and governance of wetlands 
  • Pioneering efforts on restoration of wetlands (hydrologic restoration and valuation of environmental services for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation)
  • Transnational networks for wetland monitoring and transboundary collaboration
  • Panelists from India, Victor Ayala Mexico, Carolina Rojas Chile,

Q&A: 10 minutes  

Conclusion: 5 minutes