COP14 Side events

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Day and time Room Title
12.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C The Future of Wetlands - an Intergenerational Dialogue
12.11.2022 19:45 Room 3 Collective action models on urban wetland conservation and rehabilitation
12.11.2022 19:45 Room 4 Application de la résolution XIII-24 sur les habitats des tortues marines en Amérique du Sud et perspectives de partenariat avec l'IAC
12.11.2022 18:30 Room 3 Lessons from multi country, multi stakeholder experiences on urban wetlands policy and regulatory initiatives
12.11.2022 18:30 Room 4 Application de la résolution XIII-24 sur les habitats des tortues marines en Afrique
12.11.2022 13:15 Room 3 Ecosystem Conservation of Offshore Wetlands and Coastline: Seagrass Beds and the Ecosystems They Support
12.11.2022 13:15 Plenary C State of the World's Peatlands – Global Peatlands Assessment: Evidence for action toward peatland conservation
12.11.2022 13:15 Room 14 Wetland Restoration for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Co-Benefits: Best Practices, Valuation, and Financing
12.11.2022 13:15 Plenary F Collaboration to meet global goals on nature, climate and people - the importance of protecting and conserving Ramsar sites
10.11.2022 19:45 Room 14 GEO Wetlands Initiative : Supporting Global and National Wetlands Inventories with Earth Observations
10.11.2022 19:45 Room 4 Funding at Scale Wetlands and Freshwater Conservation and Sustainable Water Resource use: examples of successes and challenges from the Mediterranean
10.11.2022 19:45 Plenary E Japan's Wetland City Accreditation and the Ramsar Award
10.11.2022 18:30 Plenary C Wetlands – crucial for national climate commitments
10.11.2022 18:30 Room 14 Wetlands mapping: Focus on National Initiatives
10.11.2022 18:30 Room 4 Community-Based Wetland Management across Boundaries: Lessons Learned from Central America and the Caribbean
10.11.2022 18:00 Amphitheatre D Learning from newly accredited Wetland Cities
10.11.2022 13:15 Plenary F The Wetland City Accreditation : All You Need to Know
10.11.2022 13:15 Room 4 Applying innovative ideas in the conservation and wise use of wetlands
10.11.2022 13:15 Room 14 The Natural Flow of Water – Key to conservation and restoration of wetland biodiversity
10.11.2022 13:15 Plenary E China’s 30th Anniversary of Accession to the Ramsar Convention: Achievements and Outlook
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary F Investing in National Wetlands Inventories: A key building block to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
09.11.2022 19:45 Room 14 3 key steps for successful wetland restoration
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary E Selected key results of the RESSOURCE project: (1) Promoting waterlily cultivation in the Senegal delta; (2) supporting the designation of the 4th Sudanese Ramsar site and (3) developing a MOOC on African waterbirds and wetlands
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C Wetland Link International, Flyway CEPA approaches, and the WWT Wetland Centre Star Awards