COP14 Side events

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Day and time Room Title
08.11.2022 19:45 Plenary A Panoramic view of Geneva and Swiss Ramsar sites
09.11.2022 13:15 Plenary C Global Mangrove Watch – State of the World’s Mangroves
12.11.2022 13:15 Plenary C State of the World's Peatlands – Global Peatlands Assessment: Evidence for action toward peatland conservation
08.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C Advancing the Regional Flyway Initiative (RFI) in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway for the sustainable management of wetlands
07.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C Reducing the impact of sand mining to conserve the world wetlands
12.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C The Future of Wetlands - an Intergenerational Dialogue
07.11.2022 12:15 Plenary C Global Mangroves into 2030/2050
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary C Wetland Link International, Flyway CEPA approaches, and the WWT Wetland Centre Star Awards
10.11.2022 18:30 Plenary C Wetlands – crucial for national climate commitments
10.11.2022 19:45 Plenary E Japan's Wetland City Accreditation and the Ramsar Award
09.11.2022 18:30 Plenary E Launch of the Indo-Burma Wetland Outlook: Key recommendations for strengthening collaboration through the Indo-Burma Ramsar Regional Initiative
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary E Selected key results of the RESSOURCE project: (1) Promoting waterlily cultivation in the Senegal delta; (2) supporting the designation of the 4th Sudanese Ramsar site and (3) developing a MOOC on African waterbirds and wetlands
08.11.2022 13:15 Plenary E Comunidades Locales y Humedales en la Región Amazónica.
10.11.2022 13:15 Plenary E China’s 30th Anniversary of Accession to the Ramsar Convention: Achievements and Outlook
08.11.2022 18:30 Plenary E Celebrating wetlands during the World Wetlands Day
07.11.2022 19:45 Plenary E How to run Ramsar sites over time? Feedbacks to improve wetlands management.
09.11.2022 13:15 Plenary E Why are wetlands drying up? Evapotranspiration a key process of solar energy transformation and climate creation
07.11.2022 12:15 Plenary E The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Wetlands: A Paradigm Shift to Meet Global Challenges
08.11.2022 18:30 Plenary F Regional Collaboration for Wetlands Wise Use in South Asia
09.11.2022 19:45 Plenary F Investing in National Wetlands Inventories: A key building block to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
09.11.2022 13:15 Plenary F Wetland Education in Formal Education : Application and Practices
07.11.2022 19:45 Plenary F Launch of the 2022 IUCN situation analysis on intertidal wetlands in the Yellow Sea (PRC, DPRK and RoK)
10.11.2022 13:15 Plenary F The Wetland City Accreditation : All You Need to Know
08.11.2022 19:45 Plenary F Restoring Wetlands while Advancing Sustainable Livelihoods via Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood